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Sarah Hudson & Erin Browning



About Sarah~


About Erin~

Erin is a woman who is inspired by the way people experience & sensate in the world.  She loves connecting beyond cocktail party small talk, dreaming & writing.  Erin works in the realms of embodied meditation, breathing & movement.  She sees private clients in person & at a distance.

A practitioner of life, a lover of people, and a proponent of helping the voiceless find their voice, Erin has worked in healthcare for more than 15 years as well as developed & taught seminars to healthcare providers & caregivers across the US.  She  brings vast knowledge of our brain’s wiring, our body’s ability to process information and input,  and most importantly the heart and essence that pulses through each of us, as humans, and should not be forgotten. Erin like to say that her personal practice is “the yoga of life”, & even as she jokes, the statement captures perfectly what she does.  She brings simple yet powerful techniques, based in sensory experience, traditions of both Western & Eastern descent, to clients wishing to tap into a deeper space of self knowing & clarity.

Erin loves the mountains, being at home or in nature with her handsome boyfriend, his sweet son, and the two large dogs with whom they share their company. 

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