About WombSpeak

Womb Speak is a collaboration between two women, Sarah Hudson & Erin Browning who recognize the importance in healing the divine feminine in us all.
Womb Speak brings forth embodiment of practices & philosophy allowing ALL women to explore the relationship of the physical structures as well as the metaphysical & energetic mirrors of the throat & pelvic floor.
Womb to voice & voice to womb.
We offer a series of free videos exploring the connection between voice and womb.  We bring some simple practices you can do to begin to see if this work is relevant to your life & happiness. We also teach a 2 day workshop that bring you a more in-depth experience to see if you are speaking from your life wounds or your authentic womb, then find ways to heal from within.
Come take an intense look at the anatomy we, as women, have not traditionally attended to…the muscles supporting our womb & our voice. These beauties work automatically & seamlessly until they don’t. Often we don’t event notice the subtle symptoms that hold us back. Attuning to the pelvis & the vocal mechanism allows reflection in both structure & energetic capacity to empower womb driven authentic voice or constricted communication which leads to less than full living.
–Have you been frustrated because you peed in your pantsuit when you coughed in the middle of a meeting?
–Or been chasing your babies through the park only find a that the spring pollen brings on a pee-sneeze?
–Have you found yourself getting hoarse when you are tired at the end of the day>
–Are you dealing with a nagging cough & constant throat clearing even if you aren’t sick?
–Do you hold tension in your neck & shoulders, maybe even tight jaw or teeth grinding?
–Have you experienced pain during sex or a drop in sexual desire & you can’t even explain it to yourself much less articulate the change to your partner?
Womb Speak Practices
Are so so so important for mothers, we all know growing and birthing a baby changes the womb.
Are beyond relevant for those trying to conceive or deciding if they want to have babies, and probably most neglected by women who have chosen not to have children.
In short, who is womb speak for??